Operation Recovery Announces the Launch of Grow America Farm Corps Program

New Americans and Farmers Find Purpose and Prosperity
Innovative non-profit initiative in Vermont combines regional, state, and national partners to sustain local
agricultural opportunities

Montpelier, VT – 1/3/2024 – An innovative initiative is underway in Vermont, spearheaded by the nonprofit
organization Operation Recovery together with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets; U.S.
Committee for Refugees and Immigrants; the dairy farm families of Agri-Mark; Cabot Creamery Cooperative; and
Liberty Hill Farm. The Grow America Farm Corps initiative addresses Vermont’s farm labor shortages by fostering
dynamic collaboration among local farmers, new Americans, and supporting partners.

Farmers with employment opportunities can sign up to match with new Americans seeking agricultural training and
mentorship. Grow America Farm Corps partners assist in placing and transitioning participants who gain housing
through on-farm living spaces, professional skills development, and community. Participants can also access job
placement assistance in agricultural manufacturing.

Between January 2012 and October 2023, nearly half of Vermont’s dairy farms closed their doors, according to a
recent University of Vermont Extension report. State and national agricultural trends including an aging farmer
population, increasing non-farm land pressure, and production capacity challenges face Vermont’s current and
future farming generations.

Through this unique new collaboration, partner organizations, agencies, and community leaders aim to combine onground wisdom with online resources to enhance job accessibility and prioritize housing support within the state.
“I am proud of the work being done by Grow America Farm Corps and their partners including the Vermont Agency
of Agriculture and Cabot to help our newest Vermonters to begin work on farms,” said Patrick Leahy, a retired
United States senator from Vermont noted for his leadership in agricultural and immigration matters. “Agricultural
workers are much needed, so this approach can sustain existing farms while giving new Americans an opportunity to
join our rural communities through working in farming, one of Vermont’s most important industries.”

More than 40 new American families fleeing hardship abroad participate in Grow America Farm Corps,
launched in late 2023. Interest among the state’s farmers and new Americans is growing as the initiative expands.
To host a family, register to view available Grow America Farm Corps employment opportunities, donate, or learn
more about the initiative, please visit: https://GrowAmericaFarmCorps.org.

Additional Vermont-specific employment resources can be found at the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and
Markets Agriculture Jobs Bulletin Board website: https://agriculture.vermont.gov/vermont-agriculturalemployment-opportunities.


About Operation Recovery:
Operation Recovery is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting, sustaining, and enabling those connected to
service, diplomacy, and humanitarian development.

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