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Mission & Vision

We serve our nation’s heroes: veterans, first responders, and their families. We do this by providing awareness and support for veterans and first responders through supplies, training, housing, health services as well as community events, and to provide charitable support for distressed Americans and allies of America located abroad.

Operation Recovery’s vision is to build a community that supports veterans, first responders, and our allies — providing them with the means to create sustainment in their lives and partnering with them to enable their future successes.

Who We are

Our vibrant organization is composed of a diverse group of experienced volunteers, including veterans of Special Operations, intelligence experts, medical practitioners, specialists in immigration, coordinators for refugee assistance, and passionate advocates. We utilize a wide range of channels and networks to assess, plan, and execute essential aid in times of global emergencies and disasters. Our approach, which combines advocacy with hands-on action, is designed to create a significant, enduring difference in the lives of individuals impacted by challenging situations.

Our Partners

Operation Recovery collaborates with a network of carefully selected and reputable organizations to enhance our crisis response efforts. Our partners, who are deeply involved in community work and possess local expertise, include entities like Moral Compass Federation, AWS Wickr, UNCOMN, Ukraine NGO Coordination Network, #AfghanEvac, Chain Bridge Bank, and Freedom Shield Foundation. Additionally, we maintain close relationships with the US Department of State and the Polish Red Cross, extending our capabilities to provide effective support and assistance in various situations.

Our Targeted Initiatives

At Operation Recovery, we’re dedicated to providing targeted support across the globe. Our initiatives include specialized resources for veterans, comprehensive international humanitarian aid for crisis-impacted regions, and essential assistance for Afghan allies. Through these diverse efforts, we aim to create a significant, positive impact in communities worldwide.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

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