Honor the Promise

Operation Recovery supports veteran-owned businesses and other organizations coordinating with the US government to provide safe passage, repatriation, and resettlement to Americans and Afghan Allies. We are caring for and protecting thousands in safe houses while thousands more have requested our help.

Join us in upholding our promise to our fellow Citizens and Allies.

Donations will directly support operations to rescue, protect, and care for the most at-risk men, women, & children in Afghanistan.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

-Margaret Mead

At Operation Recovery we are currently focusing 100% of our efforts and dollars raised on the rescue, repatriation, and resettlement of Americans and Afghan allies who are currently at risk. 

What makes Operation Recovery different is our network. To help carry out our mission, we are coordinating with the US Government, supporting partners, and other organizations, all with extensive reach and unique capabilities that can be leveraged during this historical crisis in Afghanistan.

Operation Recovery was founded by veterans who witnessed firsthand the sacrifices made by these individuals on behalf of our nation and theirs, and the threats that now surround them.

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