Support. Sustain. Enable.

Our agile organization is comprised of more than 150 highly-trained and experienced volunteers including Special Operations veterans, intelligence specialists, medical professionals, immigration experts, refugee organizers, and advocates. We work remotely through secure electronic channels to assess, organize, coordinate, and deploy life-saving support in the aftermath of global crises and disasters. Our response is immediate and our reach extends anywhere the need exists.

How we got here

May 2022 - Present

Operation Recovery partners with the Polish Red Cross, Freedom Shield Foundation, and UNCN to provide medical supplies and equipment, along with humanitarian aid, to displaced Ukrainians.

Sept. 2021 - Present

More than $2 million in direct to mission donations provide life-saving humanitarian aid and protected housing to thousands of at-risk Afghan allies in hiding.

At the same time, the Operation Recovery team connects travel-ready, at-risk families to the State Department’s coordination team, facilitating the families’ safe passage and relocation abroad.

Sept-Oct 2021

Through donations and partnerships, Operation Recovery facilitates 9 privately chartered flights out of Afghanistan. In coordination with the Department of State, 3,500 lives are relocated.

On board are US military support staff and high-risk females, most of whom are known targets hunted by the Taliban.

August, 2021

On August 27, the Gyros for Heroes Foundation offers to help with ongoing operations in Afghanistan. By September 1, it is clear this new initiative must become the entire focus of the Gyros for Heros Foundation. A formal name change is initiated: Operation Recovery is born!


From Gyros for Heroes, the Gyros for Heroes Foundation is formed. The Foundation shares a joint mission with the food truck: supporting veterans, first responders, and their families.


The food truck, Gyros for Heroes, begins operation. A percentage of profits benefits nonprofits focused on veterans, first responders, and their families; thousands of gyros are sold.

Finding closure through Crisis

Operation Recovery is more than a mission. Veterans and first responders were deeply affected by the withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as the last 20 years. Many are experiencing a profound moral injury. Our organization isn’t just a place to serve; it’s a place to heal. No one is limited by factors outside of their control, such as disability. Volunteers have access to training, health services, community events, and support. Through our shared, continued service, we find meaning and closure.