About Us

Our dynamic organization boasts a team of over 150 skilled and seasoned volunteers, featuring Special Operations veterans, intelligence specialists, medical professionals, immigration experts, refugee coordinators, and dedicated advocates. We engage with diverse channels and networks to evaluate, strategize, orchestrate, and implement crucial assistance in response to global crises and catastrophes. Through advocacy and direct action, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by adversity.

Why Choose Us


We diligently gather information and analyze the needs and challenges affected communities face to determine the most appropriate and timely interventions.

Strategy Development

Our team of experts collaborates to develop tailored plans, leveraging their diverse skill sets and expertise to address the unique circumstances of each crisis.


We work closely with local and international partners, including government agencies, NGOs, and community organizations, to ensure a unified and efficient response.


Our highly-trained volunteers mobilize quickly and efficiently to deliver life-saving support, including medical care, logistical assistance, and advocacy efforts, directly to those in need.

"We embody the courage to venture where others hesitate and the tenacity to continue when the world whispers to quit."

Our Dedicated Team

Meet the Innovators and Humanitarians Driving Change

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Ian Patterson

Executive Director

Ian hails from a very diverse business background. As an original board member, Ian came to the organization as a Senior hospitality executive focusing on setting up start-ups and innovating a diverse group of businesses. His prime areas of expertise are scaling, operational development, and consensus building. Ian was also a High School science teacher after serving ten years in the United States Air Force, including multiple combat deployments.


Dr. Joseph Olzacki

Director of Development

Dr. Joseph Olzacki is a respected educator with over 25 years experience. He has been recognized for his work as an educator, community activist, humanitarian and founder of the Identity Project. “The Identity Project” taught hundreds of minority youth to address hate through intellect and learning to react to life’s obstacles through perseverance and understanding using the lessons found in the Holocaust and World Genocides. Dr. Olzacki created the RTEP – Rwandan Teacher Education Program, focusing on educating over 3600 of the next generation of teachers in Rwanda in a partnership between the Rwandan Ministry of Education, the University of Hartford announced by H.E. President Paul Kagame in 2013. Dr. Joseph Olzacki actively lead in the passage of Connecticut’s S.B. 452, the Holocaust and World Genocide Education Act. He has been recognized with the Paul Harris Medal for Humanitarian works, Humanitarian of the year 2010 from the University of Hartford and recognized by the Voices of Hope, a Connecticut-based humanitarian non-profit, as Educator and Humanitarian of the Year in 2018. Dr. Olzacki regularly lectures on World Genocide and Human Rights.


Jon Collette

Founder & CEO

Jon Collette, Founder and CEO of Operation Recovery, combines his heritage as the son of an Army Ranger with a deep-rooted commitment to veterans. Attending University of South Florida with a specialization in Information Security, Jon’s career highlights include impactful roles at Apple, Inc., and collaborations with law enforcement. His expertise, both technical and strategic, fuels the mission of Operation Recovery. Jon’s leadership is underpinned by his personal roles as a dedicated husband and father, symbolizing the balance between professional excellence and heartfelt commitment.

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Elizabeth Lynn


Elizabeth Lynn serves as the Director of Government Relations at Operation Recovery, where her passion for humanitarian aid shines. A decorated veteran of the Air Force and Navy Reserves, her journey began with a mission to assist Afghan interpreters in reaching safety. Elizabeth’s role has evolved from coordination in Task Force Pineapple to leading financial operations, significantly impacting global humanitarian efforts. Her academic prowess is evident from her summa cum laude degree in Business Administration, mirroring her dedication to service and leadership in crisis response.

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Jess McCarty


Jess McCarty is the Director of Data and Digital Tools Development at Operation Recovery, spearheading the organization’s digital strategy and design. She initially joined Task Force Pineapple as a volunteer coordinator and developer during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. McCarty brings over a decade of experience as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a US-based software engineering firm, where she collaborated with leading tech companies and launched a STEM non-profit. Her background also includes Fortune 500 executive communications roles within the energy, manufacturing, and technology sectors.


Wesley Wrather

Wes Wrather, serving on the Board of Directors for Operation Recovery and the CEO of Marpè Therapy Services, channels his healthcare management expertise and combat military experience into his leadership roles. With an MBA in healthcare management and a distinguished service record in Operation Enduring Freedom, Wes’ dedication is rooted in a deep commitment to helping others. Since joining Operation Recovery in 2020, he has focused on aiding military veterans and first responders, acknowledging their selfless sacrifices for our collective protection and security.


Matthew Staton

Matthew J. Staton, from Rockport, Texas, is currently an Assistant District Attorney for Johnson County, Texas. For nearly eight years, he has prosecuted all types of felony cases within his jurisdiction, from simple drug cases, murder, to complex financial crimes. His education includes an Associate Degree in Meteorology from the Air Force, Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Texas State University, and a Juris Doctorate from Texas A&M School of Law. Additionally, he serves as a Deputy Judge Advocate in the Texas Air National Guard. Staton has over 22 years of military service, both enlisted and officer, and has served three combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He currently resides in Godley, Texas with his wife, Amy, and their two children, Nash and Norah.

A Message from the Heart

Jon Collette, Founder of Operation Recovery, on Our Mission and Spirit

Born from the compelling narratives of our veterans, this movement became a crusade against the deep moral wounds inflicted upon our brave soldiers and cherished allies. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this pivotal moment transformed our mission, forging us into the influential force we are today.

Our evolution mirrors a tapestry woven from the relentless dedication of countless volunteers, partners, and vendors worldwide, creating a formidable alliance for a noble purpose. The harrowing lessons of Afghanistan’s turmoil were the catalysts that shaped our agile, responsive network, ever-ready to extend a helping hand in an instant.

Operation Recovery stands as a lighthouse in the storm, a sanctuary for veterans, first responders, and allies. We offer a haven where essential resources flow, nurturing sustainable well-being and success. We are more than an organization; we are a guiding light, a hand extended in the darkest hours, touching lives at home and abroad.

To those who yearn to make a real difference, Operation Recovery beckons. Your involvement, whether through small yet powerful acts or transformative endeavors, can alter the course of lives.

We are that indomitable spirit, the resolve too profound to be ignored. Our definition of success? Heeding the call of the heart, crafting pathways untraveled, standing valiantly for justice. We embody the courage to venture where others hesitate and the tenacity to continue when the world whispers to quit.

With unwavering resolve,


Join Us

At Operation Recovery, your involvement goes beyond support; it sparks transformation. Join us in empowering veterans, first responders, and allies through volunteering, donations, or advocacy. Together, we create a community of resilience and hope, turning compassion into impactful action. Ready to make a difference?