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About The Initiative

Transforming Wellness

At Operation Recovery, we recognize the complex mental health challenges facing veterans, particularly following the Afghanistan withdrawal. This period has intensified the need for a robust support system to address the unique issues of moral injury and the often silent yet profound psychological impacts. Our initiative is passionately committed to enhancing the wellness of veterans and first responders. We do this by creating meaningful connections and fostering a supportive community where individuals can find understanding, resources, and opportunities for positive change in their lives.

How HWC Supports Adaptive Sports for Veterans

  • Our comprehensive directory of adaptive sports programs makes it easy for veterans to find and join activities that match their interests and abilities.
  • We work closely with adaptive sports organizations to promote their programs and events to our extensive network of veterans and supporters.
  • HWC fosters a strong camaraderie and peer support among veterans participating in adaptive sports, providing a platform for them to connect, share experiences, and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Our forums and discussion groups allow veterans to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from others who have navigated similar challenges and triumphs.
  • Engaging in adaptive sports is just one part of a veteran’s wellness journey. HWC offers various complementary resources to support mental health, physical well-being, and overall resilience.
  • From stress management techniques and nutrition guidance to virtual wellness workshops and one-on-one coaching, we provide veterans with the tools they need to thrive on and off the playing field.
  • HWC is committed to raising awareness about the importance of adaptive sports for veterans and advocating for increased access and funding for these life-changing programs.
  • We collaborate with researchers, policymakers, and veteran service organizations to share best practices, influence public policy, and secure sustainable support for adaptive sports initiatives.
  • Through our network, we spotlight veterans’ incredible achievements and transformative experiences in adaptive sports.
  • By sharing these inspiring stories, we aim to encourage more veterans to get involved, challenge stereotypes about disability, and rally community support for these critical programs.

Whether you’re a veteran looking to discover the power of adaptive sports, an organization offering adaptive sports programs, or a supporter passionate about empowering our nation’s heroes, we invite you to join the Heroes Wellness Collective in our mission to transform lives through adaptive sports.

Join our HWC Waitlist and be the first to learn more about available programs, resources, and ways to get involved. Together, we can help veterans tap into their resilience, forge new paths to wellness, and experience the joy and camaraderie of adaptive sports.

Empowering Veterans Through Adaptive Sports

At the Heroes Wellness Collective (HWC), we believe in the transformative power of adaptive sports for veterans facing physical and mental health challenges. That’s why we’re proud to partner with multiple organizations to connect veterans with life-changing opportunities to engage in adaptive sports and experience the benefits of an active, empowered lifestyle.

Empowering Heroes:
A Network of
Care & Support

The Heroes Wellness Collective was founded for veterans and first responders, by veterans and first responders. This private, vetted, and secure network meets you wherever you are — bridging gaps for those who serve. Our members provide each other with camaraderie, mental health resources, physical wellness programs, social events, and collaboration opportunities. At HWC, we connect across the miles and through career transitions, flourishing together. If you’re a veteran or first responder, you’ll find fantastic mental health support from providers who understand what serving feels like. Many have served themselves. If you’re a family member, you’ll be joining a supportive network helping you navigate challenges and feel heard.

If you’re a health professional, not only will you be contributing to a meaningful cause, you’ll also find supportive and collaborative peers.

Partner organizations and sponsors become part of a powerful mission — removing barriers, giving back, and demonstrating a commitment to those who serve.
88% of veterans’ caregivers report increased stress or anxiety.1
46% of post-9/11 combat veterans reported experiences conflicting with their moral values.2

Our Approach

Uniting Multiple Stakeholders for a Stronger Tomorrow

Promoting total wellness

We address mental, physical, and emotional wellness, providing resources, tools, and support to strengthen resilience in veterans, their families, and communities.

Your Path to

Discover personalized self-care and wellness practices. From physical activities to mental health tips, find what works for you and embark on a journey to better health.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Explore our curated selection of wellness resources, including checklists for environmental, emotional, physical, and social wellness, and disease prevention.

Immediate Help
When You Need It

In moments of crisis, know that you're not alone. Access our 24/7 resources, including the 988 Crisis Lifeline, Veterans Crisis Line, and other vital support systems.

Engage with Our Community

Stay updated with our latest events and initiatives designed to support and empower. From workshops to interactive sessions, there's something for everyone.

Celebrating the Legacy of the
Surf Fire Program

The Surf Fire program, which retired in 2023, is a testament to our commitment to wellness. This initiative brilliantly encapsulated our vision by promoting physical activity, supporting mental health, and fostering a strong sense of community. More than just a day at the beach, it allowed veterans and their families to experience the therapeutic benefits of surfing. Each session culminated in a communal fire and meal, creating a space for shared experiences, mutual support, and the forging of lasting connections. While the program has now concluded, its positive impact continues to resonate within our community, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and healing we hold dear. 

"Whenever we deploy, it's not just us who serve; our families do too. They endure the weight of absence, the quiet battles at home, and the unspoken worries. Our deployment is theirs – a shared journey of resilience and sacrifice."

Pioneering the Future of Veteran Wellness

Drawing from our impactful mental health program in Ukraine and transformative efforts in Afghanistan, Operation Recovery’s past missions have paved the way for a revolutionary veteran initiative. These experiences, deeply rooted in digital innovation and compassionate support, inspire our future endeavors, enabling us to build a more connected, resilient, and empowered community for veterans, first responders, and their families. Our history is not just a record of achievements; it’s the foundation upon which we will elevate the future of veteran wellness.

Our Next Chapter:
The Heroes Wellness Collective

In the heart of the 1970s, a moment unfolded that would echo through time, offering profound insight into the human condition. It began with a simple question posed by a reporter to Mother Teresa, a beacon of compassion known worldwide for her tireless work among the impoverished and suffering. The question was straightforward: “What’s the poorest country you’ve ever been to?”

Mother Teresa surprised everyone with her wise and precise response. “I have been to many countries and seen much poverty and suffering. Everywhere I go, people tell me of their hardships and struggles and ask for help, and I give what I can. But of all the countries I have been to, the poorest one I have been to is America.”

When asked why, Mother Teresa’s answer was as profound as it was simple: “Because,” she said, “America suffers most from the poverty of loneliness.”

This statement, powerful in its simplicity, unveiled a different kind of poverty, not measured in dollars and cents but in human connections and emotional bonds. It highlighted a crisis often unseen but deeply felt – a void in the fabric of communal and personal relationships.

Inspired by this insight, our project was born, aimed at addressing this ‘poverty of loneliness,’ particularly among those who have served their country. Veterans and First Responders who have sacrificed so much often battle a silent, invisible burden in their lives. For veterans transitioning, the experience can be jarring, leaving many feeling isolated and disconnected.

Our mission is to bridge this gap. We envisioned an online network, a digital sanctuary where veterans, first responders, and their families could find solace, support, and understanding. This platform will connect regional organizations dedicated to their well-being and offer access to professionals in a currently unavailable way. It’s a place for conversation, finding a friend, sharing life experiences, and, most importantly, accessing resources crucial to their success and happiness.

This network thrives on the principle of meeting veterans, first responders, and their families where they are, acknowledging their unique experiences, and providing a pathway to reforge connections. It directly responds to the challenge posed by Mother Teresa’s profound observation. By creating a community of support and understanding, we aim to combat many veterans’ loneliness, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

This project is more than just a platform; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of connection, and a step toward healing the emotional and psychological wounds of those who have served. In this space, everyone has a voice, every story matters, and no one is alone. This is our answer to the call of loneliness, which we answer with open arms and hearts.