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Our Press Releases section contains the most recent updates on our endeavors. From the launch of new support programs, special community events to initiatives enabling a sustainable future for our heroes, you’ll find it all here. We invite you to explore and learn more about the impact we’re making.

Media Coverage

At Operation Recovery, we believe in the power of storytelling to raise awareness about the challenges faced by veterans, first responders, and allies of America in distress. We are honored to have our stories told through various media outlets. Check out our latest features and news stories in our Media Coverage section.

How a Nonprofit's Innovative Case Management System is Saving Lives After the Afghanistan Withdrawal

Addressing this humanitarian crisis, Operation Recovery—a nonprofit founded by veterans and active-duty service members—has successfully deployed a comprehensive case management system that is making a significant impact.

Operation Recovery partners with global organizations in the vital 'Prosecutors For Prosecutors' initiative.

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA-US) “Prosecutors For Prosecutors” Campaign Unites US Prosecutors to Bring Afghan Prosecutors and their Families to Safe Countries

Operation Recovery: Saving Lives Using AWS Wickr

Operation Recovery deploys life-saving support in the aftermath of global crises and disasters. In 2021 as the Taliban took over control of Afghanistan, thousands of people who had helped support the US were stranded and in need of evacuation.

How AWS Wickr's encryption service is helping at-risk Afghan citizens

For a nonprofit that needs secure communications as it works to evacuate at-risk Afghan citizens, AWS Wickr provides an encrypted lifeline.

AWS Wickr: Aiding Afghan refugees through secure communication

Discover the Role of AWS Wickr in Our Mission: Facilitating Safe and Secure Communication for Afghan Refugees

A Year After the Afghan Withdrawal: Representative Michael McCaul's Perspective and Appreciation

A Powerful Reflection on the Afghan Crisis and a Heartfelt Thank You to Operation Recovery’s Efforts

The Unseen Heroes: Task Force Pineapple's Veteran-Led Afghan Evacuation Mission

Task Force Pineapple: New York teacher, an ex-Green Beret, among US vets assisting Afghanistan evacuations

No Time to Wait: The Independent Rescue Operation for Afghan Allies by US Veteran

‘We’re not asking permission’: US veteran launches major private operation to rescue remaining Afghan allies

Homebound: Stranded American Finds Refuge after Harrowing Weeks in Afghanistan

Stranded American Now Home after Weeks Stuck in Afghanistan

Braving the Battlefields: US Veteran Leads the Charge in Operation Recovery's Afghanistan Mission

US veteran proceeds with Operation Recovery rescue mission in Afghanistan

Operation Recovery: A Beacon of Hope, Powered by Encrypted Communication

The inspiring story of how Operation Recovery, UNCOMN, and AWS Wickr teams collaborated to create a secure, user-friendly communication platform for Afghan allies amidst a crisis.

A Call to Arms: Wisconsin’s Former Army Special Force Heads Rescue Task Force in Afghanistan

Wisconsin native and former U.S. Army Special Forces is leading a task force to get those left behind out of Afghanistan

Syracuse Veteran Steps Up for Critical Role in Emergency Afghan Evacuations

Syracuse vet assumes critical role in emergency Afghanistan evacuations

A Plea for Compassion: Veterans' Open Letter to Biden Administration on Afghan Humanitarian Parole Denials

Joint Letter to Biden Administration Expressing Concern Regarding Humanitarian Parole Denials for Afghans

Bond of Brotherhood: Veterans Extend Lifeline to Afghan Comrades After Withdrawal

Veterans helping Afghan veterans, allies after withdrawal

From Chaos to Colonie: Chronicles of an Afghan Family’s Journey

Churchill: From chaos to Colonie

Evacuation Ordeal: Afghans Wrestle with Bureaucracy and Taliban for U.S. Evacuation

Afghans Battle Red Tape, Taliban In Hope Of Evacuation To United States

United for a Cause: Evacuation Groups Join Forces to Secure Afghan Allies

Evacuation organizations band together for Afghan allies

One Year On: A Desperate Race to Evacuate U.S. Allies from Afghanistan

Afghanistan evacuation: U.S. allies in ‘a race against time’ one year after troop withdrawal

Abandoned to Their Fate: The Desolate Lives of Women Allies Left in Afghanistan

For women allies left behind in Afghanistan, life is hell

Changing Lives: Operation Recovery's Ongoing Mission to Aid Veterans and Allies

Local Organization supports Veterans, Allies. 

We’ve helped thousands of people Relocate to Safety

In the aftermath of turmoil, the human spirit prevails. Our story is not just about our journey, but about the strength and resilience of thousands of allies we’ve helped evacuate from Afghanistan & Ukraine. These brave souls, once in harm’s way, now have the chance to rebuild their lives, thanks to the relentless dedication of our team and the support of our extended community.

They are not just numbers or statistics. Each one is a voice—a testament to bravery, a story of survival, and an echo of hope. Let their voices reach out to you, and through their narratives, witness the transformative power of support, sustainment, and enablement.

Afghan Ally

evacuated by operation recovery

“Sir, I don’t think there’s anything I can do and say that’ll match what you have done for me and my family. I’m beyond words. I had heard we sometimes get angels assigned to us that help us and save us in difficult times. You’re that angel.”

Jon Collette

Founder of Operation Recovery

“This work is changing lives – thousands of them around the world – sometimes even the volunteers’ lives themselves. This gets us out of bed in the morning and fuels our dreams each night.”

USAF Family Member

after attending an operation recovery surf fire session

“These are the types of events that families remember for a lifetime, and [that] can change the trajectory of somebody’s life by opening them up to others who they can now count on and care for.”

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