Heroes Wellness Collective to Launch Groundbreaking Support Network for Veterans, First Responders, and Their Families


Heroes Wellness Collective to Launch Groundbreaking Support Network for Veterans, First Responders, and Their Families

June 14, 2024 – Heroes Wellness Collective (HWC), a groundbreaking online network dedicated to the well-being of service members, veterans, first responders, and their families, proudly announces its official launch today. This platform connects those who have served or are currently serving with a diverse community of clinicians, service providers, and peer support specialists, offering comprehensive support and resources.

The Heroes Wellness Collective aims to normalize health and wellness conversations by providing a secure space to share successes and struggles. The community eliminates barriers to qualified care access through the establishment of nationwide referral networks and peer-to-peer coaching. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, recent research suggests that 11–20% of veterans experience PTSD in a given year — suicide rates of military service members and veterans are also at an all-time high.

“Our mission is to bridge the gaps in care and support for those who have given so much to their country,” said Jon Collette, Co-Founder of the Heroes Wellness Collective and son of a US Army Ranger. “There are incredible advocates and providers leading the way in their communities—by uniting together in one central, online app, we can now provide near-immediate impact anywhere in the United States. The launch of HWC marks a significant step toward a future where every service member, veteran, first responder, and family member can thrive in—and after—their service.”

HWC offers a range of services to support resilience and well-being, including access to providers who understand service members’ unique experiences; resources to maintain physical health and wellness; a community that offers understanding, camaraderie, and shared experiences; and crisis intervention to provide immediate support and trusted referrals, preventing gaps in care.

Member organizations include notable non-profits and universities: Operation Recovery; 22Zero; Dallas Star Warriors; the Duke University Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health; The Heroes Journey; The Mission After; the Moral Compass Federation; Ohio State University’s STRIVE Program; One Tribe Foundation; Panthers Warriors; Project Rebirth; Special Operations Association of America; University of Central Florida’s RESTORES Program; and many more.

To join the Heroes Wellness Collective or to learn more about how you can support this initiative, visit www.HeroesWellnessCollective.org.


About Heroes Wellness Collective:

The Heroes Wellness Collective is a private, vetted, and secure online network created by veterans and first responders for their peers and families. As an initiative of Operation Recovery, a 501(c)(3) organization, HWC is dedicated to removing barriers to care and support, fostering resilience, and promoting wellness among its members.


Ian Patterson

Co-Founder, Heroes Wellness Collective

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For more information, visit www.HeroesWellnessCollective.org.

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