September Update

We continue to support Task Force Pineapple and its operations in Afghanistan. Operation Recovery is currently helping fund safe cover, movement, and medical services to injured and displaced American citizens and Afghan allies. 

Operation Recovery in partnership with Task Force Pineapple is among those actively seeking to form a public-private task force and collaborate our rescue and repatriation efforts with the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security. 


  • The teams that we are supporting are currently caring for over 550 individuals.

  • We are assisting with the protection of 70+ persons at high risk of reprisal from the Taliban.

  • In the last ten days, we have moved over 800 people to safety.

  • Our manifest of assistance requests continues to grow and is now at over 4000 people. We are working to gain access and provide support.

  • Moving through the country is increasingly complex and time-consuming. We are working to support border crossings and chartered aircraft to move people to safety.

  • Our current phase of operations is focused on providing transport, food, lodging, medical care, and safety to those within the Task Force Pineapple network.

  • Moving forward, Task Force Pineapple will likely take on the full spectrum of the refugee problem set. Operation Recovery will continue to help facilitate recovery, resettlement, and re-integration at the community level.


As our mission evolves, we will continue to communicate. We are incredibly grateful for the support and active involvement from the community.  

None of this would be possible without you.  

Thank you.