Press Release 10/21

October 21, 2021


Dan Gregory
[email protected]

Operation Recovery evacuates 380 more Americans and Allies threatened with violent retribution


Pleas for help continue to pour in from families facing grave threats


LAKE WALES, Fla. – Operation Recovery successfully evacuated another 380 at-risk Americans, Green Card holders, and U.S. Visa holders from Afghanistan this week. The organization, working with its partners, has now rescued more than 1,200 individuals, with 1,600 more preparing to be evacuated on upcoming missions. The veterans-led nonprofit is asking for donations to keep these rescues going as many of those awaiting evacuation are being hunted by the Taliban. Those rescued this week include former U.S. military support staff, women serving in professional roles, and their children.


“Operation Recovery is working to evacuate Americans and our Allies as quickly and safely as possible, but we are up against the ticking clock of Taliban retribution,” explained Helen Perry, Operation Recovery’s Executive Director. “Every day, we receive pleas for help from people facing capture, imprisonment, rape, and execution. Providing safe houses and secure transportation has become a big part of our operations because of the sheer number of at-risk individuals who urgently need to be evacuated.”


Operation Recovery works with its partners to accomplish complicated and highly dangerous operations within Afghanistan. The team of experienced specialists and veterans oversee the logistics of locating individuals who apply for evacuation, verifying their documentation, transporting them to safe locations through Taliban-controlled territories, and providing them basic needs and care until an evacuation flight can be arranged. 


The organization is asking for continued contributions to sustain its ability to provide arrangements and air travel to the thousands of Americans and Allies who were left behind following the nation’s withdrawal.


Donations can be made through the organization’s website