Operation Recovery Reflects: 2 Years Since Afghanistan Events – Over 16,000 Allies Aided, Embodying the True American Spirit. Join Our Ongoing Mission of Hope!

Dear Operation Recovery Community,

The events in Afghanistan from two years ago still resonate deeply with us, underscoring the enduring strength and adaptability of the human spirit. As we remember, we’re not only looking back but also acknowledging our collective resolve and our unified hopes for what lies ahead.

In the immediate aftermath of the crisis in the Fall of 2021, with your unwavering support, we rallied together to evacuate over 3,500 Afghan allies, ensuring their safety and offering them a beacon of hope. When transportation reached a standstill, our collective will did not. Through perseverance and your trust, we redirected resources and efforts, touching the lives of 12,736 allies stranded and in need. As 2022 dawned, it carried the promise of renewal, and together, we resumed our mission, assisting and relocating an additional 621 allies.

As we traverse this momentous journey, we understand that numbers or milestones don’t solely define our path. It’s about the real lives, dreams, and aspirations of individuals. Every person we aid represents our shared pledge to compassion, humanity, and unity. Integral to our mission is addressing and healing the moral injury of countless allies and service members. Through our commitment, we seek not just to aid but to heal.

Your steadfast support, passion, and engagement have transformed challenges into chances for profound change. As we march, let’s remain resolute, bound by our mission and shared American values. Every new day presents an opportunity to create an impact, and together, we’ll pave a brighter future for our allies, embodying the true spirit of what it means to be an American.

Let’s continue this journey of hope, resilience, renewed purpose, and boundless compassion.


Jon Collette
President & CEO
Operation Recovery