Since September 1, 2021, Operation Recovery and its network of partners have successfully evacuated over 3,500 at-risk individuals, and have facilitated the movement of nine evacuation flights out of Afghanistan.

These allies include advisors and translators to the U.S. military, female judges, journalists, educators, students, business professionals, and their children. A large majority of these individuals were issued special evacuation passes in August 2021, but were detained and prevented from entering the airport by Taliban checkpoints. 

We consider these families to be among the most at-risk assets under our care. Operation Recovery continues to actively support and coordinate with the U.S. Department of State’s relocation program by confirming each family’s location and contact information, assessing their assistance needs, and verifying their documentation.


  • American Citizens & Green Card Holders
  • US allies
  • Former interpreters, administrators, security providers
  • At-risk females
  • Christians and Hazaras
  • Female judges, civic activists & feminists, journalists, students, business professionals
  • Young children of high-risk individuals

We continue to support our Afghan allies through various lines of effort: 

Case Management
Immigration Guidance
Travel Guidance
Communication Guidance
Resource Connection

Honor The Promise

Help us continue to honor the promise and support our Aghan allies and their future.