At Operation Recovery, we are committed to making a difference in the world by responding to crises and disasters with immediate and impactful support. Our more than 150 highly-trained volunteers, including Special Operations veterans, intelligence specialists, medical professionals, immigration experts, refugee organizers, and advocates, work remotely through secure electronic channels to assess, organize, coordinate, and deploy life-saving support.

One of our most recent initiatives has been in response to the conflict in Ukraine. Leveraging our network and processes honed during our Afghanistan Initiative, we are partnering with regional subject matter experts, including the Ukrainian government, to provide comprehensive, holistic aid to those most affected by the conflict. Our efforts include furnishing life-saving supplies, psychiatric counseling, remote education, employment opportunities, and resettlement assistance on Ukraine Child Aid Bases.

Our Afghanistan Initiative has also been a critical focus for us in recent months. In the face of unprecedented circumstances, we facilitated nine privately-chartered flights out of Afghanistan in coordination with the Department of State, relocating 3,500 high-risk individuals to safety. We have provided nearly $645,000 in food and medical aid to date. We continue to track 7,500+ allies, including young children, who remain trapped in Afghanistan with narrow pathways to the US, dwindling funding, and immense suffering.

In addition to our global initiatives, we are committed to supporting veterans and active-duty personnel through our health and wellness program. We believe in the power of connection and community and work to foster social and emotional support through events and service opportunities that help veterans and active-duty personnel feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

At Operation Recovery, we are dedicated to making a difference in the world through immediate and impactful support. Our response is quick, and our reach extends anywhere the need exists.

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