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Ukraine Child Aid Base - Southwest of Lviv, Ukraine

As we look back on our accomplishments in the last year, it’s important to remember that our work is not yet done. The most vulnerable populations in Afghanistan and Ukraine still need support. Our focus cannot be solely directed outwards, though; many people here at home need our attention as well.

All donations made to Operation Recovery are used to serve the needs of our at-risk Afghans, Ukrainian refugees, and veterans & first responder communities here in the United States.

We're asking you to join us in making a difference this holiday season by donating to Operation Recovery—whether it's a $5 gift or a $500 angel donation— and help us reach more people who need our support. Every gift matters, especially yours. Together we're able to do so much more. Thank you!

After 20 years, America’s war in Afghanistan officially ended on August 31, 2021. Veterans and first responders were deeply affected by the withdrawal and the last two decades. Many are experiencing a profound moral injury. Operation Recovery helps veterans and first responders find closure through continued, shared service, training and support, and community events. No one is limited by factors outside of their control, such as location or disability; volunteers can choose to connect and collaborate wherever life finds them, whether that be online from the comfort of home or at local & regional meet-ups. Operation Recovery — and our network of fellow veteran and first responder organizations — aren’t just places to serve, they are places to heal. In 2023, Operation Recovery seeks to continue its “digital deployments” abroad, remotely providing life-saving support in the aftermath of global crises and disasters. We also plan to expand our network of partner organizations, particularly those focused on communal sports and outdoor activities, such as Surf Fire Sessions.

"Thank you to this amazing team for your relentless work in making dreams possible. You have forever changed the trajectory of these lives and inspired a generation of children to realize the power of fighting for humanity."


- United States

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They come from different backgrounds, locations, and professions, but after years (sometimes decades!) serving their country, veterans and first responders share a deep, unique bond. Often, they share the same traumas and challenges too. Operation Recovery is committed to ensuring those who serve (and their families!) always have access to a good friend, a sense of purpose, and a place they feel welcome -- before, during, and after their service career. We support organizations around the country, building communities and fellowship through recurring events where participants can leave the hustle & bustle of daily life behind for camaraderie. Operation Recovery is there, from veterans' surfing clubs to memorial motorcycle rides and skeet shoots!

Thank you. Whenever I receive an update from @OfficialOpReco it gives me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise, my life is dark and miserable now.


- Kabul

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"Kateryna" and "Nadiya," two Ukrainian girls displaced by the conflict, spend a day painting with new friends and tutors while sheltering at a "UCAB" (Ukrainian Child Aid Base) southwest of Lviv. Operation Recovery is working with the Ukrainian government to establish three homes away from home for children like Kateryna and Nadiya, who have lost everything in the war. At UCABs, orphans and young refugees are lovingly cared for; provided trauma counseling, education, and community; and kept safely out of harm's way until the conflict ends.

Ukraine Initiative

Tapping networks and utilizing processes honed during our Afghanistan Initiative, we answered the call to assist with targeted humanitarian aid in and around Ukraine. Operation Recovery is partnering with regional experts to provide a comprehensive, holistic response to those most affected by the conflict, including displaced women, separated children, elderly veterans, and the wounded. To date, we have furnished essential supplies, including food, water, baby formula, and personal hygiene items; life-saving hospital and rehabilitation equipment; psychiatric services and counseling; remote education options for displaced children; remote employment options for displaced Ukrainians; temporary resettlement assistance; and cross-cultural remote educational exchanges between Ukrainian and American classrooms. In 2023, our primary focus is the expansion of Ukrainian Child Aid Bases, adding two new facilities, in addition to the UCAB southwest of Lviv, to accommodate the tremendous number of orphaned and displaced children without safe shelter.

Afghanistan Initiative

In the face of unprecedented circumstances, Operation Recovery facilitated nine privately-chartered flights out of Afghanistan in coordination with the Department of State. 3,500 US military support staff and high-risk individuals being hunted by the Taliban were relocated to safety. Nearly $645,000 in food and medical aid has been provided to date, in addition to a fully funded safe shelter for the most at-risk. Multiple lines of effort, including connecting travel-ready families with State Department relocation teams, providing immigration and travel guidance, and assisting with communications and advocacy, are still ongoing. Operation Recovery’s 7,511 allies remain trapped in Afghanistan with narrow pathways to the US, dwindling funding, and immense suffering. In 2023, Operation Recovery staff and volunteers will continue our legislative advocacy and provide life-saving humanitarian aid directly to at-risk families in need, as donations permit. We have recently upgraded our case management database to enable more efficient, ongoing collaboration with the State Department.

The past 10 months have been a roller coaster of emotions. Getting my family to safety took a lot of effort and hard work from so many incredible people. I want to extend my gratitude to @OfficialOpReco for their unwavering support throughout this lengthy process.


- United States

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"Jawid," a former US military interpreter (now a naturalized US Citizen), joyfully reunites with his wife, "Farzana," in the Denver airport. Jawid had received US citizenship shortly before the Taliban seized Kabul -- Farzana was due to join her husband in the United States that autumn but found herself trapped behind enemy lines after the US Embassy's closure. Operation Recovery brought the family to the State Department's attention through our immigration & travel guidance program and helped reunite the couple a few months later.


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