End of Sept. Update

In a joint effort with our partners, Operation Recovery facilitated the successful recovery of 391 individuals from Afghanistan via air from Afghanistan to Doha, Qatar, on 9/21/2021.

The individuals extracted included US military support staff, children, and at-risk women (judges, journalists, educators, students, and business leaders) who were American Citizens, green card holders, or US Visa holders. Many of these individuals were considered known targets wanted by the Taliban. If captured, these individuals would have faced torture, sex slavery, and worse.

Over the past three weeks, Operation Recovery has focused our efforts on providing protection, lodging, medical care, and basic needs to over 800 people.

Individuals considered high risk were moved multiple times, often at night, as information came in indicating that they were further at risk.

Nearly 4,000 individuals are still in the care of Operation Recovery, awaiting the next flight, and a group of 340-380 persons are in the stages of vetting and registering for services through our organization and our partners. And more families are asking for assistance every day.

This veteran-led effort to save lives relies on a complex network of professional resources to facilitate international coordination and cooperation to ensure at-risk individuals’ safe transport and recovery.

To continue to serve the thousands of individuals still at-risk Operation Recovery needs to continue its fundraising efforts. From the safe passage, staffing, food and resources in the country, and vehicles, facilitating safe departure from Afghanistan is already over $3.4 million.

But our work is not done.

We need to rapidly raise another $3,500,000 to support three flights, each capable of manifesting over 250 individuals. Along with those flights, our staff will fund the application fees and visa fees for at-risk allies to apply for residence in safe third countries while awaiting formal refugee status in the US or abroad.

Generous donations allow our work to continue, and we aren’t done yet. With your support, we can help facilitate the rescue of an additional 750 Allies who desperately need a departure from Afghanistan.

We are incredibly grateful for the support and active involvement from the community.

None of this would be possible without you.

Thank you.