Operation Recovery’s Emergency Response Teams are on the ground in Charlotte and Lee Counties, providing life-saving supplies and assistance to some of the hardest hit Floridians.

Our Volunteers are:

  • coordinating with local Emergency Commands in Southwest Florida
  • delivering potable water, food, and fuel
  • ferrying pet food and medical supplies to stranded homeowners
  • removing debris so that Emergency Services can reach those most in need
  • Conducting well-being checks for family and friends around the world who haven’t heard from their loved ones since the hurricane

Hurricane Ian landed as a Category 4 storm on September 28, slamming into Florida’s coast with 150+ mph winds, torrential rain, and a record-breaking storm surge. Entire communities were removed from the outside world, with no power, water, or food. Residents unable to evacuate in time are now stranded on barrier islands or by deep, fast-moving flood waters.

Operation Recovery’s Veteran and First Responder Volunteers quickly leaped into action. Our Teams were on the ground on October 1, establishing rally points near Tampa and working closely with local Emergency Commands. Thousands in life-saving aid have already been provided, with Teams continuing to deploy throughout Southwest Florida.

Operation Recovery’s Emergency Response Team continues to link up with multiple Emergency Commands in the southwest Florida area and fill various community needs. 

Wellbeing checks are ongoing. Our Teams are currently on the ground in these communities:


  • Pine Island
  • Englewood
  • Placida
  • North Port
  • Port Charlotte
  • Rotonda
  • Cape Coral

To request an Operation Recovery Wellbeing Check for your loved ones, please register [here]

Checks are conducted in the order they are received. Due to the volume of requests, we cannot provide specific updates about your request until our Teams reach your loved one’s address. It will be posted on your request form when an update is available. Updates are uploaded to conditions each day at Noon, Eastern time.

Many communities are still disconnected from power and water, but access routes are being cleared, and communications are slowly restored. Pine Island is still difficult to access.